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Johan Peter Lenhart was born May 4, 1708 in Horn Hunsrueck, Rheinland, Prussen, Germany; d. April 4, 1774, York, Dover Twp.,PA. He married in Pfalz-Rhineland, Germany, Maria Margaretha, b. September 28, 1715, Zweibrucken, Pfalz-Rhineland, Germany. 1708 Johan Peter Lenhart is the son of Johan Christopffel and Anna Eva Kessler. Grandson of Hanss Velten Lenhardt of Chumbt. It appears they lived and worked at the Chumbt Monastery on Monastery Lands. It appears Chumbt was a town or village in the Zweibrucken area. Zweibrucken, then was a principality or county as we would think of it, and not just a city as it is today, so if this is where JPL went, they would have been in any of the towns or villages and it would still be considered Zweibrucken.

Johan Peter emigrated to america, arriving in Philadelphia, PA aboard the ship, "Two Brothers" on September 15, 1748. March, 1749, he received a patent for a tract of land in Philadelphia County, Moyamensing Township, PA, which he later conveyed in 1771 to his son Jacob Lenhart, at what is now Lenhartsville. Part or all of Philadelphia county later became known as Berks county

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